October 12, 2008

The "Sometimes" Meme

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find both traditional and unique memes. You may have heard of the expression, “honor amongst thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we also have our rules. First, we always credit the blog that we stole it from and we will “fess up” to the blog owner where we stole the meme. We also provide a link to the victim's post. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") We do sometimes edit the original meme, usually to either make it more relevant to our global players, or make it less repetitive.

Today we ripped this meme off a blogger called KJ who writes the appropriate named blog KJ’s World. And it was probably stolen at that blog as well. But that is as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing! If you’d like to be listed in our Judd's Links, just leave us a comment. And, of course, add us to your links as well. (If you are a victim of our theft, we add you automatically under "Previous Victims".)

Sunday Stealing: The "Sometimes" Meme

The "Sometimes" Meme: All you have to do is finish the sentence...

Sometimes I just need:

Sometimes I want:

Sometimes I like to:

Sometimes all it takes:

Sometimes I picture:

Sometimes I wish:

Sometimes I find:

Sometimes I take:

Sometimes I look:

Sometimes I hate:

Sometimes it’s nice:

Sometimes it hurts:

Sometimes it makes me happy:

Sometimes it’s sad:

Sometimes I listen:

Sometimes I sleep:

Sometimes I like to watch:

Sometimes I feel:

Sometimes I rant:

Sometimes I never:

Sometimes I really:

Thank you for playing this week on Sunday Stealing! Please leave a comment or link when you have posted. Feel free to stop back and visit other player’s posts. Have a great week. See you next Sunday!


ShannonW said...

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Coffee Slut said...

Happy Sunday everyone!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Sunday. Spend it stealing a MEME :-)

Anonymous said...

happy sunday! done with mine!

Crushed said...

Done. That was quite a hard one, actually.

Jodi said...

Mine is up!


Nunyaa said...

Sorry I am late guys, but all done and posted :)

Scriber's Web said...

My first time! Sorry this is late.

KJ said...

Very cool blog!!

Thanks for the shout out

Anonymous said...

this was fun, mine's UP.


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Finding Pam said...

I will be using the "Sometimes mime". Thanks

Anonymous said...

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