May 22, 2011

The "You Can't Be Missed" Meme, Part 3

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent memes. You may have heard of the expression, “honor amongst thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we also have our rules. First, we always credit the blog that we stole it from and we will “fess up” to the blog owner where we stole the meme. We also provide a link to the victim's post. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") We do sometimes edit the original meme, usually to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, sometimes to select that meme's best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from either this new meme or recently asked questions from a prior featured meme. Let's go!!!

Today we ripped off a blogger (and friend for a lot of years) known as Cat.  She authors the blog Sweet Memes. It's long, so we will do it in parts. She explains that she got it from here. (No, we don't get that part either.) But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The "You Can't Be Missed" Meme, Part 3

Cheers to all of us thieves!

31. What is your absolute favorite dessert?

32. What can someone do to make you smile, no matter what?

33. What do the hip people think of you?

34. What was the last gift you bought someone?

35. What was your favorite class in high school?

36. How many spouses would be about right?

37. What would you say was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

38. Have you ever donate money to charity?

39. Has porn ever had a positive place in a current or recent relationship?

40. Would you ever dump the one you're with for someone who makes an obvious play and is MUCH hotter?

41. Have you ever disowned one of your relatives?

42. Would you think it's OK to cheat on someone if they've already cheated on you?

43. Did you ever consider becoming a teacher?

44. Would you ever give a hitch-hiker a ride somewhere?

45. Would you ever try fasting for a whole week?

Thank you for playing this week on Sunday Stealing! Please leave a comment or link when you have posted. Feel free to stop back and visit other player’s posts. Have a great week. See you next Sunday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

These were some great questions. I will have to get back to parts one and two.

Mind Of Mine said...

Some really good questions this week.

Unknown said...

This was fun ... I went off on a random hitch-hiker tangent that I'd forgotten about until fairly recently : )